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Earnest is a technology-enabled fintech lender, headquartered in San Francisco that offers student loan refinancing and private student loans. The company uses software and algorithms to evaluate a person’s full education, employment, and financial profile, looking beyond a traditional credit score (also known as a FICO score) in order to obtain a complete financial profile of each applicant. This


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Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"- work isn't interesting - people don't care about work - terrible culture and boring - pay is terrible"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Exec yelled at me in front of everyone for performing by basic job duties (which were mildly inconvenient for him) - My manager refused to allow me time off (both pre-scheduled and for family emergencies). - My team was extremely underresourced and unsupported by the rest of company. Absolutely terrible morale company-wide -- about 10% of the company left voluntarily in the 2 months before I quit."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"* Passive aggressive senior leadership * Lack of direct feedback / no feedback culture * 50% staff attrition * Lack of diversity and lack of investment in initiatives to attract diverse talent * Lack of investment in Data and building out a strong team * Engineering team burn out"

Current Employee - Software Engineer Full Time says

"Stressful environment. Some Engineers are really rude. Poor Engineering leadership. Navient integration work proved it's a sweatshop. Takes so much time to understand overly engineered architecture. Too many layoffs. You don't get timely feedback just lay off. No work life balance............."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Company is a shell of what it was and what it wanted to be. Now owned by Navient. All the best talent left or is leaving. Founders got rich and got out. Very sad."


"This situation was deeply disappointing for all involved once all the facts were on the table. The Earnest team adheres to all community and zoning rules, and we fully support keeping The Mission the amazing neighborhood that it is. For the record, we serve financially responsible people and regularly make loans to people with a wide range of FICO scores. We aspire to make financial services available to a wider group of financially responsible people than traditional lending and banking. - Ben"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything about this company is a mess. No one knows how to run a company. Managers come and go, new hires come and go, objectives come and go. If I had a dollar for every time they told me to do something one way and then switched it a week later without telling anyone... Except for the numbers/underwriting departments no one has any idea what they're doing. You want a job where they clearly explain what to do? This isn't it. Help from other employees? Nah... but the employees are good at organizing themselves into cliques. I've heard the new "team lead" is the worst yet. Most passive aggressive corporate environment I've ever dealt with. And their whole website is BS. They lend to mostly white people, mostly men, and almost all making over 6 figures."

Former Employee - Client Happiness says

"The culture there was incredibly sexist and demeaning. You know all of those articles you read about how terrible startup culture is? You could easily write a piece about Earnest. From the CEO to the engineers, I was treated like I wasn't worth their time. I tried multiple times to work with the people in the company to create change to no avail. At times, I was treated like a secretary and often felt like I just needed to join into the boy's club. Needless to say, my life has improved drastically since leaving. In terms of the work, I was either micromanaged or not managed at all. Half the time, the management had no clue how much I was doing to make things happen. In terms of work/life balance, I felt pressured to stay late or to answer emails late. I was barked at once for daring to take a US holiday off."


"The top down management is just horrible. They lie about who they want to lend to and in reality just rich Ivy Leaguers loaning to others of the same background. They are the typical good ol' boys who look down on others and treat most of their staff like crap. They make them cry, scold them like children and pays the upper positions amazing and lower positions a non livable wage for San Franscico, the disparity is almost comical. Run don't walk away from here."

Operations Manager (Current Employee) says

"Really bad leaders. Kind of sad to watch how they treat older people the people who helped build the company with the dad. But I understand the need to get younger. Especially when healthcare is so high. Just doesn't seem right. But nobody will say anything. Catch 22. Maybe they need to get rid of bloated leadership level instead. But won't."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Changed since the acquisition. Almost everyone I know left for new opportunities since the new company changed everything about the culture and perks."

Alyssa says

"Worst experience of my life. There were so many issues when it came to taking out my loan most however, were due to the university's end when they declined my loan. However, though my university declined my loan periodically for two months I would call and check on the status of my loan and every time I heard from earnest they said that things were still in the works and I just need to wait it out until the university accepts my loan. For 2 months I was lied to from both the university and earnest because it turned out my loan declined by my university within the first week of the 2 month period where I would call periodically. Now there were some employees that were absolutely fantastic when it came to assisting me and following up but most couldn't have cared less."

Margaret Napier says

"I spoke with multiple Earnest employees who assured me that I would be able to designate a loan token number to apply my loan to. However, there was not. Then I reached out again and Earnest never responded. My loan was not applied as i wanted it to be and Earnest did not communicate with me. Not ideal and doesn't instill a lot of trust."

Ali says

"It has taken over a month to confirm a payoff for one of my student loans. After a call to Earnest, and a promised call back in a few days that never happened, I am left with accrued interest on both loans, and overpayment for my prior account (because of 2 auto payments that posted), and a larger balance. This has been a terrible experience and I regret signing up with Earnest."

Ayush says

"just found out I won't get a joining reward as promised by referring organization (Juno) and by Earnest"

Mike says

"Closed last week on student loan email stated will be in school account on 8/20 so when i call out the error being the date 11/24 now they tell me it will be 5-7 days before monies get to school account after 12/1 this is unacceptable to string students on when trying to help with tuition should not take 14 days to get money after a closing."

NP says

"Terrible customer service, can't get answers to anything."

Joey Benson says

"I have two Earnest accounts one is a long for me and another that was taken by my dad on my behalf. To verify financial standings Earnest requires entering the password for online banks accounts. my Dad and both did this for our accounts, and then changed our passwords. Within the next week we both had multiple failed login attempts for our banks. We were both told we should not have entered this information and had to take action to protect our accounts. Earnest does not offer and alternative to this method, which the security experts I have talked with say is not safe."

mmc says

"advertised rates are not offered to exceptional credit rating customers"

Christopher Harness says

"Loan contract needs more improvement"

Jacob R says

"Still haven't gotten any response to my customer service request -- my loan is funded so now they can forget about me?"

Reviewer says

"Earnest gave me the lowest rate for my student loan refinancing, but their customer service is painfully bad. The "Happiness Heroes" are not responsive and unclear. It takes forever to hear back from them, and I have repeatedly had to restate or clarify my issue to get answers, which often turn out to be incorrect."

PaulJ says

"Very slow to transfer the funds of the refinance to the former institution. My loan apparently booked to earnest (and started to accrue interest God forbid Earnest should short itself!)... but the other loan is still not paid off (and accruing interest there as well)."

TimD says

"It should not take 2 weeks to refinance an existing loan."

Jonathan Staines says

"I love Earnest and had a great experience with my original refinance of my student loan about a year ago, however since rates dropped I decided to refinance again. I feel as though the process could be improved for existing customers that may be approved for a better rate - streamline the process since everything is conducted in house."

Stacie Crawford says

"Too long of a process. I felt there were deadlines that were not necessary if filing was smoother. Also it seemed the right hand was speaking to the left."

Dcjd says

"I refinanced my earnest loan to a lower interest rate. The process was pretty quick and easy but was messy in the end. The website was clear that you have to continue making payments while the new loan is being processed. For that reason I left my automatic payment active. Then all in one day they deducted my payment AND paid off the old loan with the new one. That left a $1200 credit balance on my original loan. When I called I was told they could return the payment to me but it would take at least 10days. It sort of looks like they want to use my $1200 for a couple of weeks. Nice."

Michael Muniz says

"Pros: Earnest doesn’t have the lowest interest rates but they are competetive. The application was relatively easy and I received a quick approval decision.

Con: The partner referral bonus process is really unclear. I used a link directly from an Earnest partner to submit my application in order to receive a $500 bonus. It is the main reason I chose earnest over competitors with lower rates. Then Earnest says I didn’t use the link (which I did) and therefore don’t qualify for the bonus. They said I had to redo the whole application process all over using the link. It seemed like they were making it more of a hassle to actually claim the referral bonus. I dont plan on referring anyone to Earnest with my own link given this experience, because I can’t guarantee that they will receive a referral bonus."

Joshua Obuch says

"The correspondence with the earnest team is great. The websit is not user friendly or transparant. I have a loan with earnest that i refianced with earnest and the communication/status of the refiance is difficult to navigate on the website"


"I'm still waiting on the account balance with my existing loan service provider to clear. Even though the loans from both them and earnst are accruing interest."

customer says

"UI is clean, but slow and buggy. Also I am somewhat annoyed that in order to lower the interest rate on my loan I have through Earnest, I had to apply for a completely new loan. No easy way to calculate payoff amount."

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